Amicable Uncoupling Marital Transition Program

We’re a team of divorce mediation, financial analysts, and natural health professionals who help you through the process of “Untying The Knot”. We focus on mediation, personal development, coaching, and financial analysis to guide you through this transition in your life.

Goal Setting

Your accountability coach to help you set and achieve goals through your life transition.

Transition Guide

Your guide through the “uncoupling” process providing mediation services, coaching, and more.

Financial Analysis

Your personal Financial Mediator, Analyst and Liaison to help you organize, update and maintain your financials through transition.

Personal Coaching

Helping you take full responsibility of your life, connecting you with supportive resources, and practicing self-reliance post-transition.

HOW We Help Our Clients.

We’ve designed a better way to navigate through the divorce process, from years of experience and understanding of each individual’s needs. Part of our team consists of a Divorce Mediator, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, and Collaborative Law Financial Specialist. The other part, a Certified Master Practitioner of MER® (Mental and Emotional Release) and Hypnotherapy, a Reiki Level II Practitioner, and Certified Natural Health Professional.

WHAT our clients gain.

Having a steady constant in a time of unsteady transitions is invaluable. Our clients save money on attorney fees, progress towards healthier lifestyles, are constantly working to achieve goals, and find life after divorce. Most of all, our clients gain a helping hand through the process of “Untying the Knot.”

About Us

We are especially sensitive to the issues surrounding couples who are in the process of “Untying the Knot.”

Our founder, Carroll Beeson, states, “While in the middle of my own marital transition, I completed mediation training and acquired the designation of Divorce Mediator. Shortly thereafter, I completed Collaborative Law training in order to contribute as a team member as a collaborative divorce financial specialist; I have also earned the designation of Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®.”

At Amicable Uncoupling, we’re a team of certified experts who’ve been through the process and understand what it takes to move through it.

Meet Our Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, Carroll Beeson

Meet Our Master Practitioner of Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy, NLP & MER®, Kimberly Levi


“I was referred to Carroll by a mutual friend. Carroll has the ability to allow you to see things in a different light. She walks you through probably one of the most difficult times in a couple’s life. She does it with patience, knowledge and grace. What you learn during your time with her are things you can implement in your life going forward. She is an amazing woman and I will never be able to thank her enough for all she did for us.”


“Finding Carroll five years ago was a blessing I am still thankful for today. She was able to work magic between two people who were full of anger and hurt, by creating an environment that allowed us to stay focused on what truly mattered. It is because of Carroll that my husband and I at the time of our divorce were able to do more peacefully, with less pain, and fairly quickly. I cannot say enough about how critical of a role Carroll played in our success of moving into a world of closure and co-parenting.”

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