Amicable Uncoupling Program

Your Marital Transition Guide

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Financial Analysis

Your personal Financial Mediator, Analyst and Liaison to help you organize, update and maintain your financials through transition.

Transition Guide

Your guide through the “uncoupling” process providing mediation services, accountability, mental and physical wellness routines, and more.

Goal Setting

Your accountability coach to help you set and achieve goals through your life transition.

Personal Coaching

Helping you take full responsibility of your life, connecting you with supportive resources, and practicing self-reliance pre-, during and/or post-transition.

Guiding You Through “Untying the Knot”

“The key is to thrive, not just survive during divorce”

We’ve designed a better way to navigate through the marital transition process through our years of experience as a Divorce Mediator, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, Collaborative Law Financial Specialist, and Natural Health Professional.

Having a steady constant in a time of unsteady transitions is invaluable. Our clients save money on attorney fees, progress towards healthier lifestyles, are constantly working to achieve goals and find life after divorce. Most of all, our clients gain a helping hand through the process of “Untying the Knot.”

HOW We Help Our Clients

We're Your Marital Transition Guide, Confidant, Accountability Partner, Financial Mediator, Analyst and Liaison

Your Business / Financial Advisor

  • Project management – organize, update and maintain data
    • Financials (discovery, interrogatories, etc.)
    • Keep valuations current and up-to-date
  • Work alongside your existing team (e.g. family law attorney, mediator, wealth advisor, estate planning attorney, CPA, forensic analyst, etc.)
  • Procure experts if needed (e.g. forensic analysts, oil & gas, real estate, trusts, etc.)

Your Personal Mental & Emotional Guide

  • Relevant questions to ask your attorney 
  • In-person or virtual support for court and mediation
  • Outside-the-box strategy and decision making
  • Parenting agreements
  • Editorial review of emails and texts to your former (spouse)
  • Communication strategies for challenging people
  • Taking full responsibility of your life
  • Healthy routines and rituals customized for you
  • Creative thought exercises, including practical meditations
  • Connecting with other supportive resources (from marital transition classes to therapists to fitness classes, etc.)
  • Developing and practicing self-reliance
  • Dating and relationship guidance 

WHAT Our Clients Gain.

The benefits to working with a divorce mediator and marital transition guide is invaluable. The physical, mental, and financial benefits are crucial in a time normally known for stress and unhappiness. You have a choice in how you navigate this time in your life, please choose wisely.

With Our Amicable Uncoupling Program, You Will:

  • Save money on fees (attorney, other specialists, etc.)
  • Streamline your marital transition process
  • Connect to a network of vetted professionals
  • Deflect stress, sleep better and feel energized
  • Re-vision life after divorce with steps to get there
  • Develop calm and cooperative communication
  • Learn to reframe frustrating situations
  • Return focus to your needs, desires and goals
  • Reclaim purpose, meaning and control of your life
  • Enhance your emotional IQ
  • How to champion for yourself
  • Overcoming and conquering the loneliness
  • Quick biohacks for improved health

My Story

I recently heard someone in an interview with Tony Robbins say, “Your mess becomes your message”. This resonated with me greatly because I feel like that’s exactly what I’ve done with my own marital transition experience.

For some reason I felt compelled to pay attention to the process, what it was like (for me and for others in my shoes) to deal with attorneys, mediators, financial experts, counselors, the judge, etc. I definitely felt there was a better way to navigate through this process without all the stress and anxiety, and I was pretty confident that I could help others have a better overall experience and outcome.

So when one of my best girlfriends suggested I consider becoming a mediator, I took her advice…and this is how “my mess started to become my message.”

Founder, Carroll Beeson

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